Humanitarian Space

“Humanitarian space” refers to an operational environment that allows humanitarian actors to provide assistance and services according to humanitarian principles and in line with international humanitarian law. In the occupied Palestinian territory, humanitarian organizations face a range of obstacles from the Israeli authorities regarding the access of personnel and of materials needed for humanitarian projects, which hampers their ability to provide assistance and protection to Palestinians. These obstacles include physical and administrative restrictions on the access and movement of personnel, especially national employees, restrictions on the delivery of materials needed for humanitarian projects; and limitations on the implementation of projects that involve building, expanding or rehabilitating infrastructure in the Gaza Strip and Area C of the West Bank. In the Gaza Strip, humanitarian operations are also hampered by counter-terrorism legislation and the "no contact" policy adopted by many countries and donors, prohibiting contact with Hamas or any of the other armed groups, even on an operational level. The work of international NGOs have also been impeded by the de facto authorities.