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Interactive protection of civilians dashboards

The following interactive dashboards present comprehensive data about Palestinian and Israeli casualties that occurred since 2008 during violent incidents in the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel, in the context of the occupation and conflict. The dashboards allow the filtering of the data by time, area, context and affiliation of the victims, while the results of each query are broken down by various categories and their distribution shown on a map.

The large number deaths and injuries among Palestinian has been a major source of humanitarian vulnerability requiring various types of interventions by humanitarian actors. Many incidents resulting in casualties on both sides have raised concerns about violation of international law and lack of accountability.


Definitions and clarifications

What is the source of the data?

Information about occupation and conflict-related casualties is regularly collected by OCHA field staff and entered into OCHA’s Protection of Civilians database, following review and verification. As a rule, for an incident to be entered into the database it needs to be validated by at least two independent and reliable sources. Exceptions to this rule include incidents resulting in Israeli injuries, most of which rely on Israeli media reports.

Which casualties are included?

Only casualties that are the result of confrontations between Palestinians and Israelis in the context of the occupation and conflict. Incidents resulting in casualties, which did not involve direct confrontations, such as access delays, reckless use of weapons and collapse of tunnels are not included. Conflict-related casualties that occurred in Israel but did not involve residents of the oPt are also excluded.

Who is considered a “child”?

Based on the definition by the UN Convention on the Right of the Child, a child is a person under 18 years of age.

Who is considered “injured”?

For the purpose of this database, this category includes people who were physically hurt in a relevant incident and received medical treatment at a clinic/hospital, or by paramedic personnel on the site of the incident, including people who received treatment due to suffocation by tear gas. People treated due to psychological shock are not included.

Who is considered a “civilian”?

For the purpose of this database, “civilians” are all persons who are not members of the security forces (including police) or fulfill a combat function within an armed group. The classification of a casualty as “civilian” does not carry any implication regarding the legality of his/her killing or injury. The determination about the affiliation of Palestinians killed during the Gaza hostilities was done by the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights, in its capacity as Protection Cluster coordinator; the number of civilian fatalities recorded through this mechanism are significantly higher than those claimed by the Israeli authorities.